New Year’s Eve, while looking for live video of the ball dropping in New York’s Time’s Square, I saw yet another headline claiming ten reasons to quit FaceBook. A relative who doesn’t use social media wanted me to stop and read the article, thinking it might tell something I ought to know. As I went down the list, the author’s grievances with FaceBook pointed more and more to mindless users (why put something on a social networking website and then complain that it isn’t private?). I made a mental note to write a blog post of positive reasons TO use FaceBook, and how FaceBook’s insidious methods are irrelevant to the thoughtful user.


I was going to cite that anti-FB article, but it’s not worth my time to find it—I “ASKed” it (yes, I use because why should we let Google become the Buy-n-Large from Wall-E ?) and found multiple pages of links to people over the last few years all listing reasons to stay away from FaceBook.


As for HOW and WHY to make GOOD use of FaceBook, let me just share with you the following excellent post which I found very well written. While it focuses on Twitter, its points are equally applicable to FaceBook, or probably any social media:


Why I Was Wrong About Twitter, by Adam Grant


It’s up to you: do you want to be pointlessly addicted and manipulated (a “me-right-now” FB/Twitter user), or do you want to use available tools (any social media site) to be thoughtfully positive and creatively productive, contributing meaningfully to your friends and the whole world around you?


When the FaceBook window asks, “What’s on your mind?” you can’t blame FB if you don’t either enter something good or pull your fingers away from the keys.


Oh yeah, one little note: you might want to empty your browser’s cookies after using FB, so they can’t track you all over the net.





It’s been a very busy spring for me. I never meant to go so long without posting to this blog. But I’m coming back…

First stop was to check my other social sites (FaceBook, etc.), commenting on what others are up to and reposting some things I really enjoyed to FaceBook:

Next step is to add some valuable content to the web–some things I hope others will find helpful, or at least interesting. This is planned to happen really soon. I have lots of notes to edit into posts.

But right now I must complete an errand
Regarding a new business I am starting with a friend.
This will be a helpful business too,
And we hope it can help you.
I’ll let you know what it’s all about
Just as soon as the webpage is present to tout.
I have to finish drawing the logo,
And make sure the prices are in a row,
With a bit of fine print all in tow.
I have to finish the HTMLs
And double-check how everything spells.

(Yup, I checked, it spells “everything”. …..Just kidding.)

So, I’ll see you here again soon.

I’m excited!
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