A Bird Flew Over...: ...OR, Why I WANT to Keep My Hands Out of My Mouth. ISBN: 9781935710028

A Bird Flew Over...: ...OR, Why I WANT to Keep My Hands Out of My Mouth. (my 3rd book)

500 CALLS: Missions for YOUR Little Heroes & Heroines. ISBN: 9781935710011

500 CALLS: Missions for YOUR Little Heroes & Heroines ...(my 2nd book)


Pebbles, Blisters, and Handfuls of Sunlight. ISBN: 9781935710004

Pebbles, Blisters, and Handfuls of Sunlight: Treasures of a Traveling Teenager ...(my 1st book)


Clipped from my  Amazon.com  Author Page:

Noname (pronounced: no-NAY-me) was born in the mid 1970’s, to parents living in a camper-van with an existing daughter and son (and a dog). Noname would eventually be the middle of five siblings, and the family would go through various homes-on-wheels (vans, buses, and even a used factory-made motor home).

Noname watched the world go by, through TV and windows; looked forward to each new campsite, hoping for a chance to get out, and possibly be the first to find some trinket left by others; learned to argue and think; helped produce the artwork which provided for the family, and dreamed of her future in the world.

When she was twenty, the family got their first house, Noname got a job, then a G.E.D., then taught herself accounting and business, helped the family start an art gallery, and eventually left it all for the man she loves.

Between the ages of 9 and 19, while still traveling the United States with her family (on a shoestring and a prayer), Noname wrote 60 poems. Now 35 with a family of her own, and settled in the middle of the country, she has edited and illustrated those poems into a book titled “Pebbles, Blisters, and Handfuls of Sunlight”, hoping it will comfort, help, and encourage other teenagers with their own struggles on their roads to adulthood.

Noname now has two more books published. Most recently, “A Bird Flew Over…” which is to be read to kids, to motivate them in a very fun (for kids) way to keep their hands out of their mouths. And “500 CALLS” is a book, but really it’s a game which allows parents and caregivers to engage with and satisfy small children, WHILE simultaneously working on other things.

Noname’s skill in fine art and commercial art can be seen on her personal website http://www.nonameportermcshirley.com

Noname is also working with Rifll Publishing company to make their website full of fun activities, games, and other things related to her books. http://www.rifll.com

Note: Noname doesn’t use Twitter at this time, but you can watch for Tweets related to her from her publisher @RifllPublishing

Click here http://gravatar.com/nonameportermcshirley  to see my profile images & links.


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. […] blogger from America,  Noname Shirley McPorter, read my post – Write4Fun – and commented that she also runs a story writing […]

  2. Wow, a very interesting life you have led. You’ve accomplished so much. Congratulations on your 3 books too. They sound great. I hope you get lots of entries sent in for your children’s writing competition.

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